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Contact Post [Apr. 14th, 2028|10:44 am]

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Storyline Ideas [May. 17th, 2020|01:33 pm]
I'm especially into steampunk, fantasy, or alternative history plots with a paranormal twist to them. All the below ideas are just jumping off points and I thoroughly welcome building upon the plots and tweaking them as needed. Nothing is set in stone, so if part of an idea tickles anyone's fancy and they want to bring a different angle for consideration, please do! I love world building and character development, part of the fun of RP is creating a line where both parties add something to the mix. I love lines that include both drama and humor, some action and some quieter slice of life aspects. A balance of angst and fluff with wacky shenanigans and relationship development is my ideal. Any and all of these roles can be played male or female, and can turn romantic if the line goes that way or remain gen.

Scenario A

The Stay is a landmark hotel to those who know how to find it. Throughout the centuries many have come to find solace within its walls, from all times and places. Once a location of pride, it has fallen into the hands of those who use it to parlay business deals among the criminal sect. It is a place where magic is seeped within the walls, a magic so deep that even old gods cannot break but more than a few know how to manipulate. A descendant of the original magical family whom had created the hotel feels trapped working there, wanting to see what wonders are beyond the door but feels beholden to remain and fix the hotel's reputation and clean up the clientele. When a murder at the hotel draws the attention of a private investigator and occult specialist who has a personal vendetta of their own, the descendant sees their chance to team up and take down what is ailing their home, and perhaps open the door to future team ups in the worlds beyond. (I'd be interested in playing the investigator.)

Scenario B

Character A is a writer. At least, that's what they prefer to call themselves. It's been awhile since their last revolutionary work that garnered fame and the eye of those in power, where their call for change cost them dearly. After the disruption to their life the last work caused, they've opted for a quiet life as a university professor. After several years of solitude, an offer turns up on their doorstep. A private company is about to premier their new sky-faring technology that rivals the world's public transit, a means of transportation at a fraction of what it now costs. They are looking for a puff piece from a reputable source and nothing more, they say. Character A politely declines, but is later visited by Character B. Character B could be a mole for the government, they could be part of the private company as an engineer/scientist/whatnot who found out too much, or have some other connection. They are close to the source and their loyalties could be tested. Character B shares that there is a good deal more insidiousness going on than the private company wants known, that it might be as corrupt as the government or have ties to it. Character B needs help in bringing them down and bringing the truth to light, but they can't do it alone. Character A struggles with stepping back into a fight against those in power but agrees to write the article as a cover while figuring out what else is going on with Character B. (I'd be interested in playing Character A.)

Scenario C

Character A is a brilliant psychologist who specializes in occult species. In the 1920's (era negotiable) it's hardly considered an appropriate career, but they get by based on word of mouth and have a solid client base. They are well respected and trusted. One of their clients (werewolf, witch, ghost, also negotiable) spoke during several sessions about a curse that was placed on all the arcane that limited their powers in this realm. They spoke in fear that the "Old Ones" were coming to break that curse, and they had human ties they didn't want to see harmed. This client then goes missing, and Character A can't stop having dreams about this now and feeling like they are being hunted. They reach out to Character B, a well-known source in the occult community, a paranormal detective who may or may not carry some occult blood within them. Character B is far from the expected gristly detective, they are a sunny ray against the hell they face and have been studying the Old Ones for years for personal reasons without much luck in finding them. The two team up to save the world, find Character A's missing client, and help Character B come to terms with their past. (I'd prefer to play character B, but I'm open to either.)

Scenario D

Character A is the heir to a vast family fortune, and has been betrothed to the son/daughter of a nearby small monarchy. The two families have a long history that twines together, one where their ancestors fought in wars together and Character A's family now gives financial backing in exchange for Character B's political favor. Character A's family is also covering for their old friends, hiding a dark secret that both families have roots in magic that has long since been outlawed. Character A's family are the ancient sworn protectors of Character B's, as Character B's family in the distant past had taken them in when they had nothing and helped get them established. Character A has always known that marrying into the family means being their spouse's shield, and Character B has never taken that sacrifice lightly. Character B is meant to advance both families, to secure them political prosperity. It's an ideal union. Unfortunately, an unexpected accident in a nearby city shows that magic is not as gone as it seemed. Character A's and B's families don't want to help the underground magic users who are now on the run from the police. If Character B takes a stand in support of the magic users it could risk exposing them all and putting both families in danger. Can Characters A and B unite a world divided, go against their families, and manage to stay alive long enough to do it? (I'd prefer to play character B, but I'm open to either.)
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